Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We've moved!

We have a new shiny blog HERE.
Please stop by and visit for updates, events, contests and more! Things look a little plain for now, but we will be updating the look to match our new style soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's New??

Well it has been a while since the last post and things here have been crazy busy!! I have been dyeing up a storm and am just now getting caught up but I still have a little way to go. We did a custom color for the Loopy Ewe sock club this year and that was tons of fun!!

What else is new on the home front you ask? Let's see.....we are introducing 3 new colors in our Halo line. They are lighter shades of our current colors and we are starting with a light blue, light green and light purple. They just arrived at the warehouse today and they are super yummy!! I am already trying to decide which one I will try out first :) As soon as we get some pics I will be sure to put them up here for your viewing pleasure. For now you will just have to use your imagination ;)

Beth has been out in sunny California for TNNA and will be returning tomorrow. Let's hope she had a good show :)

Now let me there anything else new that I need to tell you?? Oh! We will also be introducing a new pattern that Beth designed using Halo and Paca Paints!! I can't believe I almost forgot about that, it's simply beautiful!! I will also post pics of that as soon as she gets back. You will definitely want to be knitting that, trust me, I've seen it and it is LOVELY!!

Well, that's all for today. Just wanted to bring you up to speed since it's been so long. Check back in the next few days for the pics of the new Halo colors and the new pattern using Halo and Paints!!

Until then....bye!!