Thursday, November 26, 2009

Full of Thanks...

Those of you in the US know today is Thanksgiving here, so we wanted to take a moment to think about the things for which we are grateful.

Obviously, we are all thankful for our health. We had a few scares lately, either among ourselves or the people we love and we have been lucky that everyone has come out on the other side okay. Some a little more tender then others, but ultimately, everyone will be fine.

We are thankful for our alpacas and our other fur-babies. They bring us mostly joy and an endless supply of squishy love.

We are grateful for the amazing designers who are out there who help us breathe life into our yarns. As pretty as they are to sit in a ball and pet, we like to see them alive, out in the wild, being worn and enjoyed.

We are thrilled to have some of the best yarn shops and farms as our retailers. You guys make it easy to pick up the phone with a smile.

We are grateful for the professional associations that help promote our arts.

One word. Ravelry.

And don't forget the publications! We love our magazines! There are so many good ones out there and we are glad to be a part of their families.

Of course, our families, who put up with us when we are tired or cranky, when we need to go out of town, when we come home covered in purple dye, when we are awake until 1am working on a new pattern or frogging a test knit for the tenth time. They love us regardless and we are indeed very, very lucky.

We are grateful for each other. Although there are just three of us, we know and appreciate how rare it is to work with people with whom you truly connect with and love. People who will hug you when you are down and make you laugh when you need to smile. When your co-workers make it a true joy to come to work, you know you have found something special.

And last but not least, we appreciate YOU, our customers. We wouldn't be here without you. We enjoy hearing your feedback, seeing your FOs and even helping you work out your problems. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU and we wish you a joyful Thanksgiving holiday.