Monday, July 12, 2010

Perilous Peds Predicament & a FREE Shawl Pattern!

It has been a bit tense here at the warehouse for the last few weeks. We didn't want you to know, because we didn't want to worry you, but we had a perilous peds predicament(tm Tasha)! Due to a tiny snafu with ordering we were completely out of stock of peds. Since May. Yeah, I know, scary, right? But woo-hoo!!! The peds have entered the building! All the backorders have been filled and new stock is being dyed even as I type. We are even playing with some exciting new colorways! Stay tuned for details.

And speaking of new colors, we have a fantastic new crochet pattern featuring one of our favorite new colors of Paca-Paints, The Recherche Shawl. It is available for a limited time as a FREE ravelry download. Using just two skeins of Paca-Paints, the Recherche shows off the delicate handpainted beauty of the yarn and works up in just a few hours.

Don't miss out on this beauty, it won't be free for long!