Monday, January 19, 2009

Spinner - Winners!

Big fuzzy congratulations right off the bat to Beth & her group of York County 4-H spinners, The Fast and the Fibrous!

They garnered second place honors at this year's Fleece to Shawl contest at the PA Farm Show!!! Not only were they the first off the loom, but their shawl sold for $500 at auction! What a wonderful accomplishment -- we are so proud of all of you!

(Beth would be the one without the hat)

Our friend, YarniMarni once again did an amazing job of live blogging during the competition. Visit her site to find out exactly why are girls are in sailor suits & be sure to go give her some comment-love and see the loads of fantastic photos from both the youth Fleece-to-Shawl competition and the open-age Sheep-to-Shawl competition including the pics of the shawl that brought an amazing $3400 at auction! Hats off to all the competitors, team captains, parents and judges for making it such wonderful day. (Angela inserts a special shout-out to her friend, judge Susan Withnell & wants to know how Susan is coming along with her inner-wonky)

If you want to unleash a little of your inner-wonky, you can spin, knit or crochet a piece for an upcoming art exhibit called The Milkweed Project. Visit Stitches and Sticks for more information. I'm thinking of sending in some test crochet & knit samples that I've done over the past few months. And maybe some handspun Paca-Puf in the white color with a little fawn heather blended in as well. Yummy!


RecoveringActor said...

Beautiful! I haven't done any spinning at all. I'll just buy yarns others spin and admire the work.

(PS--I'm passing along to you lovely Alpaca Ladies a Butterfly Award)

monica said...

The girls did a wonderful job withtheir competion.