Thursday, August 20, 2009

What to do with all that pretty new yarn

Earlier we got your drooling, this time we want to get you planning. Not only did we unveil our two beautiful new yarns at TNNA, we also released a whole slew of new patterns. First, let's talk about Astral. Astral knits up as a light worsted weight and works on everything from a size 4 to an 8 needle. Our sweet friend Shelley knitted the Decimal Sweater from Knitty using a size 4. Her fabric is rich, dense and feels silken to the touch.

Beth then knit the Firefly Shawl, designed by the amazing Kristin Omdahl on size 8 needles. The shawl fabric has a beautiful almost liquid like flow and drape. We were thrilled to see it walking on stage at the TNNA Fashion Show.

Truth be told, I sort of felt like I was in an episode of Ugly Betty, you know, without quite as much drama. No one came out on stage and admitted to murder or treachery, but it was like Mode in all the good ways. The Firefly shawl continued to wow throughout the show and more then one person jokingly threatened to walk away with it -- at least I *think* they were joking. Knitted from 4 skeins of Astral, the Firefly is constructed from the bottom up, thus avoiding that dreaded billion-stitch cast on. After the main body is completed, a complimentary edging is added. The shawl works up quickly and is 'intermediate' level of experience. If you've been wanting a lace shawl but the idea of knitting with skinny string is intimidating, this might be just the pattern for you.

If shawls aren't your speed or you want to whip up a quick one-skin wonderment, might we suggest one of our two fun new hat patterns. One is knit & one is crochet and both are adorable. The Bobble Beret, designed by Beth, is knit from the top down on size 5 & 6 double point needles or with a magic loop. The Road Trip Crochet Beret, designed by Angela, uses a size G hook has a unique band-up construction. In addition to being totally adorable, both are considered intermediate skill level and can be completed in a weekend. Keep watching this space, the Road Trip Beret pattern will be available soon!

Next time we'll talk about the new Halo patterns and what else is on the menu for fall. Till then, happy crafting!

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