Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CONTEST: Where do you do what you do?

Beth & Tasha & I were discussing our favorite places to knit & crochet. For me it is in the car. I really don't like driving at all, actually, I find the whole car thing a colossal waste of time. If it were up to me we would all have transporters and I could just whisk from place to place. But, since I can't do that, I use my car time to get seriously busy with the needles or hook. My favorite car project is socks. I mean really, they are completely portable, easy to pick up & put down & I usually have at least one (or two) on the needles at any given moment.

Tasha's current obsession is shawls. Have you seen that girl's ravelry page lately? I convinced her to join the 10 shawls in 2010 group and she has been putting me to shame with her productivity. Tasha is one of those lucky crafters who has a studio & that is her favorite place to sit & knit. That is of course if she isn't weaving, which is her newest hobby. She might be just a little bit dangerous!

Beth is a bona fide sweater knitter. She gets all giddy with the idea of a good set in sleeve or a colorful bit of fair isle. You can find her most evenings curled up on the sofa, near the fireplace with the knitting basket next to her and the needles clicking away.

Three different crafters, three different favorite projects and three different ideal spots to do the knitting. That got us thinking, what are your favorite places to knit or crochet and what do you like create? Hit up the comments below and tell us what you like to craft and where you like to do it. We will read all the submissions and one lucky entrant will get a fantastic kit of Alpaca Yarn Company pattern and coordinating yarn custom created for them based on their preferences.

Hurry, contest ends March 31st!


jessecreations said...

I like to knit/crochet almost anything. I'm really into those lacy shawls/shawlettes lately, and I also like making those dishcloths with the purled patterns in them. I like to crochet/knit in my living room most of the time, to be near my kiddos. If I want to hide what I'm making as a surprise for them, I go to my bedroom to knit/crochet instead.

jessecreations on Ravelry

Amy said...

I love to knit hats while sitting in a coffee shop, having tea and chatting with friends. There is something so relaxing about making a hat, round and round and round, while visiting and chatting away from home, work, kid and husband. Wow, I just got relaxed writing that.

helenlam said...

I love knitting socks on the train while commuting to work. however, since I just had a baby at the beginning of the month, I'm no longer commuting, and therefore am working on a sweater for myself and quick baby hats with my leftover sock yarn!

tom said...

My wife and I commute to work together and I drive while she knits. We have an upward of an hour commute. I am sure she will enter for herself but, since I can't knit while I drive (if you think driving and texting or talking on the phone is distracting ...) I don't get to do it there.

So, I knit while I read. Mostly I knit simple things like scarfs and hats that don't need much concentration. At night before I go to bed, I like to relax, read the newspaper and do my reading. I know, probably not interesting enough to win, but that's how it is.

oonagh said...

where i knit depends on what i'm knitting......i've got my own little corner of the couch that's mine, with a shelf for a drink and bookshelves above with reference books and if i'm doing something that requires paying attention, that's where i'll be doing it.
if it's something else, something simpler, i'll probably be doing it while working in our booth (we're renn faire blacksmiths and merchants); i knit or spin so i do not go nuts when it's slow.

what i make?? again, depends greatly......i tend to do a lot of colorwork; i'm really bad at lace. so most of my stuff is either really simple, or colorworked; for the projects themselves, i tend to do lots of wristies for myself, and beanies for my SO.
i also tend to make up my own patterns, or use a pattern and do my own thing with it instead of following the pattern directly; this is probably why i'm bad at lace!!!

-oonaghfibersmyth on ravelry

Jersey said...

I knit everywhere - in the car, on planes, on trains, in my office, on conference calls,... you name it, I've knit there.

My primary love is knitting sweaters, mostly of my own design. They run the gamut of weight my last 2 were one of fingering weight and one of bulky. You name it, I love it.

Rav id: jerseyjessie

tom said...

Oops, I forgot to leave an address (I don't know if necessary), but I'm

tomknit on Rav

InJuneau said...

I love to knit on the couch or during youth group (I'm one of the adults working with them). Over the past year I've been really into knitting scarves for friends and market bags for family and friends. This year I hope to learn to knit socks and to learn to knit a sweater for my DH.

(InJuneau on Ravelry)

Rachel O said...

I'm just a beginner knitter and would love to win (and create a stash)

I still have to concentrate when I knit and so I usually just sit on the couch while I'm knitting my small items following a pattern and hoping not to drop something or make a mistake.

BORING - I know.

Rachel-O on Rav

RoamingKnitter said...

Since I live in a motorhome & travel, I most enjoy my lawnchair recliner out under the awning seeing the wonderful scenery while I knit. So relaxing & inspiring. Hats seem to be my most frequent projects, especially for charity. I have designed & knit preemie caps, knit for kids and am currently knitting chemo caps for men.

RoamingKnitter on Ravelry

Libs (Ravelry) said...

Last year, we bought a huge corner sofa, with the idea of having lots of room to stretch out. In reality it's become a 2 seater sofa with a 4 seater knitting corner. I love to put my feet up and have all my knitting stuff surrounding me. M husband and son don't appreciate it quite as much. Curled up there I like to knit anything with a bit of challenge in - from socks to lace or yet another pair of handwarmers or a hat for myself. I own more hats than underwear.

Anonymous said...

My favorite place to knit/crochet is outside during nice weather and this could be anywhere, but most favorite is on my deck. Or in my house most other times. I do knit in the car too, but not as often.
I really knit All sorts of things on practically any size needle. My favorite is usually what I am currently working on or starting. I really enjoy fast projects, but enjoy my time knitting slower projects also. I love them all.

StaceyKnitsIt ravelry

elyssa said...

hmmm. do i have to pick a place? my rocker and a sweater for myself or my daughter. in the car with a good vanilla sock, or on the porch in the sun with a shawl and i always have an iced tea beside me.
ravelry id: elys7

Kristen said...

I actually like to knit alone. I find that if I'm with friends I tend to talk and my hands stop moving. (Of course I don't have any friend IRL who knit, so I feel a bit rude if I'm dividing my attention between my project and the conversation.) And I enjoy socks and mittens but my next project is going to be the Ishbel shawl as soon as I finish my current WIPs.

Amity said...

I like to knit, crochet, and spin anywhere and anytime I have to wait or can easily multitask. I hate, loathe, detest, and really don't much like being bored, so I ALWAYS have at least one portable project with me at any time. On airplanes, waiting in line at the pharmacy, and, when I can get away with it, at boring meetings (oops, that was redundant, wasn't it. Seriously, some people just like to hear themselves talk and use waaay to many words to say way too little). Once, while stuck in traffic (as a passenger, for the record!) in a long, long, backed-up line to get into an amusement park in the Netherlands, I started spinning the yarn for socks on my drop spindle and knitting with fresh twist right off the spindle, designing as I went along. I continued this activity while standing in the interminable (and cold!)lines for each attraction after we finally got into the park, getting comments along the way such as,"you're going to have that sock finished by the time you get to the front of the line!" Not far off........

Now what ? said...

I have to favorite place is the car too, not because I don't like driving so much, but because I LOVE the natural light! I seem to get my most productive knitting done on road trips! My little area at home has such bad light I don't knit there as much as I would like to due to the poor lighting. We are making plans to improve the lighting, but until it happens, I'm happy in the car! :-)

BTW, I just discovered Paca-Peds! Great Googly Moogly that yarn is awesome! I never knew! I'm so happy that I'm learning to knit socks now!

Architectress said...

I love to knit all over, but in the summer I love, love, love to knit at the beach. Mostly just for the reactions. whispers of "Is she knitting?" make me smile. Last summer I got a real jump on my christmas knitting that way & can't wait to do it again when the weather warms up. I'm hoping to make my children christmas stockings this year. My plan is to do it at the beach.

Architectress on Ravelry

knittingdancer said...

I like to knit on the love seat in my den. I work on my more complicated projects at home. When I knit at my 2 knitting groups or out in public, it is usually a scarf or something really simple. My favorite things I been knitting are shawls and kitchen towels.
Knittingdancer on Ravelry

JJ said...

I'm big into knitting in bookstores and coffee shops. I liketo kniw scarves...actually, I'm pretty exclusively a scarf knitter.

JJ said...

I like knitting in bookstores and coffee shops, and I'm pretty exclusively...ok, completely exclusively...a scarf knitter.

nolaboard said...

My favorite place to knit is on a plane, going on vacation, or to visit my son's family. But mostly I knit crosslegged on my bed, watching tv.
My favorite thing to knit is a lace shawl, and alpaca is my favorite kind of yarn to knit a lace shawl with!! So soft and comforting!
I'm nolaboard on Rav

Elaine said...

Where do I knit - everywhere!

What do I knit - everything.

That said, mostly I knit sweaters and I do lots and lots of knitting in cars (commuting to work) and planes (also commuting for work).

My favorite place - sitting on a couch while reading or watching a movie.

My least favorite place - during chemo - but it did help keep me sane.

Thanks for the opportunity. I love your yarn!!

Nightphoenix said...

I always like to knit something new. Every new project has some new technique for me to try. Therefore, my favorite place to knit is in my cozy chair at home. I know where all my tools and references are for the (inevitable) difficulties I run into.

My second favorite place has to be with friends. I love the notion of a social knit - which can happen just about anywhere.

Lizbert on Ravelry

Kinichi River Designs said...

My favorite place to knit is my little cozy corner of the couch in our living room. I usually knit watching tv or hulu or audiobooks. And for long car trips, I always ask DH to drive so I can knit away. Mostly I knit socks (for me) or baby sweaters/hats (for the Bundles of Joy charity knitting group on Rav).

~ kinichiriver on Rav

glenda said...

I knit where ever I am, I rarely leave the house without my knitting. I knit just about anything. Big things that are knit at my desk while reading, watching TV/videos, or surfing the net; as are any complicated designs. Small things get knitted there as well if that is what I am currently in the mood to knit. I keep smaller projects that have no deadline or immediate need ready to go for out of the house knitting such as hubby driving, Dr office waiting, hanging in coffee shops, etc.

Since I discovered two socks on two circulars, there is always a pair of socks on the needles in a small plastic tote ready for the grab on the way out of the door project. I seem to start to hyperventilate if I get down to less than 3 pairs worth of yarn in the stash at any one time. They are to to go to knitting when I don't feel like dealing with the current sweater, blanket, toy, whatever that is also on the needles. I prefer the generic stockinette foot and 2x2 ribbed cuff so that I don't have to worry about carrying a pattern or remembering one.

n8kpl on ravelry

livin4fishin said...

I love to knit hats, although recently I have been knitting socks quite a bit. I guess I really enjoy knitting in the round. These types of projects knit up quickly which is another reason I enjoy knitting them and they make excellent gifts, I mean who doesn't like to have a warm head or warm toes. I have a spot on my couch in the living room that I knit at. This allows me to be with the family and still be able to knit, and supervise the kids if needed.

Nicky- livin4fishin on ravelry.

Sara said...

I knit any and everywhere - although one of my favorite places to knit is at meetings - any meeting (I'm retired so they are mostly volunteer type meetings)...

My favorite is socks and secondly I am wanting to learn how to knit a shawlette...they are about the right size for this jeans type gal.

nhsarab on ravelry

katerina said...

When I lived outside of Chicago and took the train in - I used to love knitting on the train, good focused knitting time. Now having moved to a much smaller community and no longer needing long train rides, I find my favorite place to knit is with my knitting group at the shop or curled up in bed listening to my favorite knitting podcasts!
I've been knitting lots of baby things for my new little one and his new cousins (3 baby boys born in my immediate family this year!) but I"m branching out to a couple of shawls as well.

EVA SB said...

I'm mainly a TV knitter. My family like to relax for an hour or so after supper and that is when I knit.

Living in a warm country I don't use hats and scarves a lot but living through even a mild winter in houses designed for summer can get quite chilly so I love cardigans, afghans and shawls.

Melanie said...

I like to knit about everything, but lately it's anything lacy that's got my preference. I love what you can do with a few knit stitches, yarn overs and decreases!
I'm mostly a sofa knitter (my own sofa), with or without telly on. But recently, my favourite place to knit has been the waiting room at my GP, when I take the LO to the baby clinic! :)

Sophia said...

I love to knit sweaters. I love the idea of having something custom fitting and unique - something you could never find in a store. I love to watch movies and knit!

mysticmoon said...

I'm a solo knitter with two favorite spots in the house, cozy areas where I can put on a good video, turn on the heater and relax! My social "knitting spirit" is online at ravelry. I knit whatever attracts me at the time.

mysticmoon on rav

MamaMay said...

For me... well, i am on a sock kick right now... but I also knit lots of soakers for the kids (I have the next one WIP and s/he should be an OF come mid April). I do most of my knitting at the play ground. I can knit, talk and watch children at the same time.

EJ said...

Where do I knit?
Oh let me see.
I love to knit sitting,
On that bench by the tree.

I knit as I walk,
But then only socks,
I knit one at a time,
(I walk many long blocks).

I knit in the car,
(But not while I drive),
I knit on the train,
It's what keeps me alive.

I love to make sweaters,
My favorite to knit,
And that is why I,
want to win your great kit!

Theresa said...

I love to park the car at the cliffs and watch the Ocean and listen to some good tunes while I knit.
I don't mind what I am knitting, as long as I am making Progress

ikkinlala said...

My favourite place to knit is on the couch, because it's comfortable and because that's where the light's best in my house. I most often knit socks, and they're probably my favourite but I also like other small projects like mittens and hats. I haven't had the courage (or the yarn) to tackle a sweater yet.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

beautyredefined said...

I like to knit a lot of places, but I most often knit on the couch with some TV in the background. I do like knitting in a big comfy chair at the local coffeeshop though. Good beverage, good knitting. I'm most recently involved with knitting socks. Portable, and I love wearing them.

beautyredefined on ravelry.

tom said...

Oh, I just actually reread what I wrote and where I said:

At night before I go to bed, I like to relax, read the newspaper and do my reading.

I meant to write:

At night before I go to bed, I like to relax, read the newspaper and do my KNITTING.

Also, I would love to win a sweater kit and move on to larger projects.

Tera said...

I have come to love knitting socks. They are portable and there are soooo many sock yarns. I have been known to knit anywhere, but my favorite place to knit is in my livingroom while my husband watches his hockey games.

Kelsey said...

I love to knit almost anything! If I had to choose favourites, I'd say socks, lace, and cardigans! I love to knit on the couch, with a cup of coffee, a blanket, and one of my favourite movies. :)

or kelseymelissa on Ravelry

patsy said...

I like to knit hats and scarves in my living room while I listen to audio books. sparky136 on Ralvery

destiknit said...

I love all my crafts and in so many ways. Knit, spin and weave. So this comment may be lengthy.

For knitting, I love to knit socks and lace and while I can knit these items just about anywhere at anytime, I prefer to knit in the company of friends. But when I am home, I like to stand in the laundry room and knit in between wash loads... sssshhh, my secret hiding spot ;-)

Spinning is another love and if I'm using one of my spindles, I can do that anywhere as well! But when I use one of my wheels, I enjoy sitting on the sofa in the late evening (once the kids are in bed) and spin. I mostly spin sock and lace weight and my favorite fibers are BFL, Finn, Alpaca and Polwarth.

Weaving... the newest of my hobbies is the one I must schedule time for. My 32" loom is fixed in a corner of our family room, right near the window. Since we get magnificent daylight from this window, I love weaving in the late morning. My weaving so far has produced blankets and scarves.

Andrea said...

Lately I've been really into sweaters. I've only knit 2 and have crocheted 1 but I'm working on two right now and have the yarn stashed up for a third! I also tend to crochet or knit in bed! I go straight up there and knit away.

|chee-uh| said...

I like knitting lace and socks the most and my favorite places to knit are at the airport/on the plane, waiting at the doctor's office and of course with my friends! I also love hibernating in A/C during the hot summer with some knitting in front of the tube.

quinn said...

Socks are my go-to project. I veer off into hats or scarves of the occasional pair of mittens, but there always seems to be a sock on the needles at the same time.

I do most of my knitting in my parlor, where I can watch the critters at the wildlife feeder and listen to audiobooks while I knit. Sometimes when my back is really giving trouble, I knit propped up in bed.

quinn on rav

Robin said...

I too like to knit socks. Although I also do scarves, toys and at the moment the Dwarven Battle Bonnet which is essentially a hat with a beard. My preferred knitting sanctuary is my oversized red chair. The arms are wide enough to hold a pattern, a counter, whatever I need.

Drygonstar on Rav

eclecticitee said...

I'm a bit of a lace nut, mostly shawls and cowls, but I knit just about anything. My favourite place to knit is sitting at a cafe, alone or with friends, although most of my knitting is done commuting to and from work. I knit anywhere I get the chance, including in long supermarket checkout lines...

Lara said...

I love knitting toys just about anywhere, but my real love at the moment is knitting scarves during class.

bookwormdjibouti on Rav

Aria said...

Well I have to say, I knit just about anything! I did the year of lace two years ago, started on a mitten kick last year, and now I'm working on double knit, fair-isle scarves.

As for where I knit, it's mostly in front of the TV. It keeps me from eating (which is a feat) and I always feel so unproductive just watching. But, I also knit at the LYS and occasionally in class :)

Thanks for the contest! The yarn is absolutely beautiful!

knitMIT on Ravelry

Marlitharn said...

My favorite place to knit is at work - I have one of those jobs with TONS of downtime and I long ago reached the end of the internet so I pass the time knitting. If I'm at home I'm knitting in front of the t.v. Socks, lace, sweaters, cardigans, little baby things - lately I've been on a "make it up as you go" kick, I made an EPS sweater for my daughter with a textured yoke instead of stranded designs and I'm working on a blue toddler cardigan that I'm embellishing in a frou-frou kind of way with pink and green edgings and embroidery.

Marlitharn on Ravelry.

purple said...

I'm another of those knit everywhere folks. I cannot bear to have empty hands since for me, knitting is a brain-bypass even for the most complex patterns. I have basically knit all my life - a lot of years.

I mostly design my own, and my favorite is knitting sweaters. Right now I'm on a fingering-weight sweater kick in which I combine several different hand-dyed yarns (generally with some solid or semi-solids to keep it from being too much)

I'm purple on Rav and I'm feeling lucky so I just know you'll pick me!

Theresa said...

I wanted to add to my post, mainly because it would be good to add my ravelry id,
I really do enjoy knitting in the car and watching the surfers and sea otters have fun. If I am knitting something with astral, all the better. Right now I have a fixation on sweaters, I am determined to get at least 4 done this year. We shall see what happens.

Frani More ( said...

Most of all I knit while the TV is on...but in the spring/summer I really like to take it outside in the sun. I mostly knit scarves, wraps, and tank tops. I'm really a big fan of seamless items because I hate sewing up the seams. By the way -- one of my favorite yarns is one of yours....Snuggle

squiggi said...

my favorite place in the world to knit would be cannon beach, oregon in a beautiful hotel suite overlooking haystack rock. But, mostly I knit in my rec room in front of the tv with my ott light.
I'm loving knitting shawls and colorwork right now. There's so many awesome choices.

Carla said...

I love to knit sweaters. I knit them in worsted, in fingering, in bulky and in between. I knit them with cables, I knit them with lace, I knit them in many colors and with just one. I knit cardigans and pullovers, tunics and jackets, fitted and flaired and loose.

My absolute favorite is watching a moving and knitting a sweater of my design (I'm an engineer and I engineer sweaters) in many different beautiful colorways.


I'm carla-o on Ravelry in the off-chance I win :-)

Lagrotto said...

I like knitting almost anything. I prefer shorter projects. Love cute artsy hats. But like unique stuff and artsy stuff. Not just ribbed or rolled brim. I also like scarfs, and mittens. And I love beautiful detailed sock patterns. Knitting in the round is my favorite but i'm ok with back and forth. I dislike using needles under size 6 US. And of course I love alpaca! especially spinning it on my Sonata Wheel.

lagrotto said...

Oh Lagrotto is my ravely user name by the way!

EJ said...

Back to say I'm bloglessinnj on Rav

Karen Battersby said...

I love to knit in bed, in the morning. I have been working on a lot of lace projects lately for my daughter's upcoming wedding (April 8th) I have knit shawls for her, myself and the maid of honor so far, a pair of lace stockings are on the needles for my daughter now. I have found that if I have my knitting by the bed and set my alarm just a little early, it gives me a few blissful moments without interuptions to work on some lace. It also helps me to wake up as I really look forward to my uninterupted knitting time.

Nupur said...

My favorite place to knit/crochet is in front of the TV. I am a big time TV junkie and love keeping my eye on my favorite shows while working on something.

My favorite thing to make is scarves. I love that you can try different patterns and techniques and that one size fits all.

beth said...

My favorite thing to knit is something to felt! I love the mystery of how it is going to turn out. But, I do get distracted easily, so I could be knitting a hat for my son-in-law or a pair of mittens for a friend and THAT would be my favorite. My favorite place to knit is anywhere friends gather, but especially in my house on the bay!

Saffy said...

I currently have a desire for cranking out some shawls/shawlettes but have enforced a period of project completion. I knit on the bus to work and during lunch, but my preference is to knit after dinner in front of the TV. I rarely watch it, but it's nice to share the space with my significant other :)
Saffie on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

I'm a fairly new knitter - well, less new now than before, but slow! So I'm still learning lots as I go. My favorite thing to knit right now are socks. I just love watching them form on the needles as I go. I really want to cast on for a shawl of some kind, but haven't found the right pattern/yarn combo. While I wait, I get to test out more sock patterns! I like to knit on our love seat in the living room - usually with the television on in the background.

Jenny - triedandtrue on Ravelry

LadyDanio said...

I'm convinced that I am a boring knitter. Nothing makes me happier than knitting plain old rectangles. Give me a scarf and I'll show you a happy girl. As for where I knit, it changes, but it's typically when I'm watching TV or a movie. It makes me feel, much like you when you are driving, that I'm wasting less time by multi-tasking. I've even knit at the movie theater! I'm practicing for the day 60 years from now when I go blind and need to knit from feel alone. ;)

knitting fool said...

I've never found a place I couldn't knit. Really. If you can think of it, I can knit there. Mostly I knit is the car and on trains and planes, and when I read at home on the couch. But there have been times ...

My favorite thing to knit is sweaters. And since alpaca is probably my absolute favorite fiber, and your yarns are so heavenly, I'd really love to win a kit.

foolforknit on Ravelry

Katie said...

I've tried socks, shawls, abd have a sweater WIP, but I LOVE hats! So much variety, pretty quick, definitely portable to school!

akaskafriend on Ravelry!

Vickyknits said...

Hi! I'm a LYS owner who wishes she had more time to actually knit. I find that I do get some things done in between customers and paperwork, but not much! I'm always using the new yarns to make store samples, and therefore am always working on a variety of different projects. For the spring now we're doing some cotton tank tops, some socks, and some shawls. There are some gorgeous handpaints that have arrived that I think would be great in a simple summer shawl. Thanks for the contest!
From Vickyknits on Ravelry

mprsdrose said...

I like to knit cables mostly. Recent projects with cables include Coronet Cable Hat, Cookie A's Rhiannon socks (which are cabled all over), and I'm currently working on Laura Chau's B-Side Cardigan, which has a celtic cable running down the left hand front. I typically knit in front of the tv, but do more listening than watching, especially with a complex cable pattern. Lately, I'm also exploring weaving, which is also a living room activity.

mprsdrose on rav.

rosi-r said...

I love to knit anywhere at all, but my favorite place to knit is at the front desk at my local Domestic Violence Shelter. I always have a hat, scarf or simple baby sweater going to take along when I volunteer once a week. My knitting opens doors with almost everyone. Residents, new and veteran can always find something to ask or comment about my busy hands, in between taking calls, assisting residents with keys, mail, records, and appointments. If they can't remember my name, then I'm the lady who knits and doesn't even have to look at what she's doing. The bonus is that I have sent several women back out into the world with new or renewed knitting skills and supplies.

Sylvia said...

I'm old - like 90+ old. I've knit and crocheted forever, but mostly knit. I taught my daughters and granddaughters to also (no sons or grandsons or they would have learned too - I believe in equal-opportunity knitting!)

I have to say that the only place I've ever knit was in my own home. I marvel that my daughter takes her knitting everywhere and knits in public places. Somehow it seems ... unseemly to me, but then I used to wear gloves when I dressed up :-)

I knit socks before they were fashionable, and shawls when they were and then later not, and then fashionable again (oh how fashion cycles). I've knit every accessory you can imagine and during the Great Depression I would knit things and rip it out and reknit it since I could not afford more yarn, but loved to knit.

My favorite thing to knit is definitely sweaters still. I do it much more slowly than I used to, and my daughter sews them together for me since that is harder for me now. But it is what gives me most pleasure.

I am constantly amazed by the new varieties of yarns. I grew up knitting with solid color wool that was not necessarily soft. It came in 3 weights - fingering, sport and worsted.

I would love to win a kit to try out your yarn. My daughter has some of your beautiful paca peds. I just looked at all of the different yarns you have and each one I've looked at is more beautiful than the last. A very tough decision for the winner.

I will be 95 in early April. Winning would be a great present! And a gentle hint to my daughter and granddaughter - if I don't win, you'll have time to order some for me anyway :-)

And I'm now on Ravelry. Aren't I with it! I'm sylvia410 there

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time choosing just one place where I love to knit so I'm listing both places:

1) With 'da girlz'. This could be anywhere and with any of my knitting friends but I do enjoy knitting with friends. One friend calls our knitting meet-up a knitting booty call :-)
2) On my favorite corner of my couch, feet up on the ottoman, surrounded by my 3 dachshunds. Listening to them snore & watching them snuggle up together.

For what I love to knit...I can't pick just one item at the moment. Scarves are always great because they are quick, typically easy & great gifts. I would love to find a great poncho or cape pattern to knit for myself one of these days.

Thanks for such a fun contest! :-)

dancindoxiemom on Ravelry

Mujercita said...

My favorite place to knit is probably at the coffee shop with my knitting group, but that meet up only happens twice a month. Other times, I love to crawl into bed with my knitting.

I knit all sorts of stuff- I love to do sweaters in the round (I hate seaming!), and lately I've been working on more cardigans.

Anonymous said...

Hi... What a lovely contest to offer. Whoever wins is going to have hours of fun--choosing and then knitting with all that gorgeous yarn!

Although I've only been knitting for a year or so, I knit anywhere/anytime I can... with family and friends, or solo.

But my very favorite place to knit shawls is in my 4-yr-old gr'daughter's room while she plays dolls and serves me tea. Sheis trying to knit a shawl for her fave baby. A new knitter shall be born! ;)

Thanks for offering the contest, and for allowing us to share our knitting fun.
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modrocker said...

I love to crochet on the bus and the metro on my way to and from work every day. I get a lot of comments on my work which always brightens my day (and seems to brighten their day too). As of late I have been crocheting a ton of fingerless gloves for donations for my friend who is walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I've also crocheted a ton of little pink ribbons using embroidery floss. I starch them and put a safety pin in the back so people who donate can get a nice thank you gift to wear.

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Donna Lea said...

I most enjoy knitting in a bookstore in a town south of me as well as in a mall in a town north of me along the Florida coast. Both place me in diverse groups of women whom I would never have known had I not followed a deep desire to learn to knit nearly three years ago. Their creations and friendships have inspired and encouraged me. I have grown in the craft as I have also begun to recognize the different depths and types of friendships all women need.

Of course, my more perfect knitting is done nestled in my well-worn Queen Anne syle chair with my feet supported by the footstool my children gave me a few years ago. It is knitting made more perfect not so much because I have solitude for concentration but because in that solitude I can draw on the love and comaraderie of what I have learned from many others no matter what the creation or challenge I have chosen.

mysticmoon said...

I enjoy knitting/crocheting just about everything, but am partial to fingerless mitts, tams, toys and sweaters.

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fuzzy-slipper said...

I like to knit and crochet most everywhere and anywhere I go. I think my favourite spot is on my couch with my girls on either side of me getting math help. Doing math while crocheting may seem like an odd combination but it works for me. My newest obsession is crocheted shawls and trying to find more challenging patterns.

angela said...