Thursday, April 8, 2010

WINNER: March Contest

Wow! What great responses to our March contest question, "What do you do & Where do you do it?"

Our favorite answer came from Sylvia. Her response can be seen below...

I'm old - like 90+ old. I've knit and crocheted forever, but mostly knit. I taught my daughters and granddaughters to also (no sons or grandsons or they would have learned too - I believe in equal-opportunity knitting!)

I have to say that the only place I've ever knit was in my own home. I marvel that my daughter takes her knitting everywhere and knits in public places. Somehow it seems ... unseemly to me, but then I used to wear gloves when I dressed up :-)

I knit socks before they were fashionable, and shawls when they were and then later not, and then fashionable again (oh how fashion cycles). I've knit every accessory you can imagine and during the Great Depression I would knit things and rip it out and reknit it since I could not afford more yarn, but loved to knit.

My favorite thing to knit is definitely sweaters still. I do it much more slowly than I used to, and my daughter sews them together for me since that is harder for me now. But it is what gives me most pleasure.

I am constantly amazed by the new varieties of yarns. I grew up knitting with solid color wool that was not necessarily soft. It came in 3 weights - fingering, sport and worsted.

I would love to win a kit to try out your yarn. My daughter has some of your beautiful paca peds. I just looked at all of the different yarns you have and each one I've looked at is more beautiful than the last. A very tough decision for the winner.

I will be 95 in early April. Winning would be a great present! And a gentle hint to my daughter and granddaughter - if I don't win, you'll have time to order some for me anyway :-)

And I'm now on Ravelry. Aren't I with it!

Love, love, LOVE that answer! How could we not select that one? I frog and reknit constantly too, but not out of frugality. That is indeed some knitting dedication. We are working with Sylvia to pick out her prize package. We will let you know what she decides.

Our April Contest will be another fan favorite, "Name that Yarn" contest, but this time it will have a twist! Be sure to check in tomorrow for details... yes, I am a tease! See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sylvia has been "with it" her whole life and not just since she's been on Ravelry. Thanks for such a heart warming post.

Sylvia said...

I am so excited. I sent you a pm on Rav on Saturday which was my actual birthday.

Thank you again for picking me.