Monday, May 17, 2010

New Paca-Paints name revealed!!!


Yay! What awesome new names!!!

One disclaimer, the votes for "Spiked Punch" were a few fewer than "Cherry Blossom", but thanks to you guys we realized that some other clever yarnies had already come up with that name and we didn't want to step on their toes (or squash their fruit). So, Angela gets to do her happy dance as we select her nominee, "Spiked Punch", for the pink flavor!

However, not all is happiness here in AYC land. We are all terribly disappointed that "Fer Doods" did not make the cut. Come on! We love & respect you all but really -- a landslide with only ONE vote for Fer Doods??? Sigh. I guess that's why we let you guys decide. But just so you know, around the warehouse we are totally still calling it "Fer Doods".

Congrats to our winners:
Neejess- Wisteria Way
StephCat - Seahorse Parade
Squiggi - Spiked Punch
Katerina - Deep in the Pines
Courtney - Mardi Gras
Emily - Emerald Isle

All the winners have been emailed or rav mailed and prize skeins will be shipping out this week. Thanks again to EVERYONE who submitted a vote. We love you guys!


katerina said...

Wow! So excited to hear of the new names and that I'm a winner! Thank so so much and I can't wait to get my yummy yummy yarn! I'll be deep in thought deciding what to make with it!

Emily said...

I'm excited too, thanks so much for the contest!