Thursday, December 11, 2008

Color #5 NAMED: Pacaccino

I know I keep saying this, but dang, we've got some amazing participants in this contest! Not only have you made us laugh with your puns -- those teal names were AWESOME -- but you've thrilled us with all of your creative suggestions. And we've been checking out your blogs & ravelry projects pages and not only are you guys killing it in the naming department, but we are loving the things you are knitting and crocheting as well.

Winners for colors #3 & #4 probably won't be announced until tomorrow but we wanted to let you get started with this new set of colors. This first one is one of my favorites. I've had a passion lately for the subtle semi-solid sock yarns because I've been a bit cable crazed. This one is perfect for cable socks for him or a gorgeous lacy pair for her. Naming for this colorway will close on Sunday, December 14th. All the same rules apply. Have fun & good luck!!!


yarnpiggy said...

Mmmmm, S'mores! (I wanted Toasted Marshmallow, but Blue Sky Alpacas has that already.)

Cafe Con Leche

Chocolate Buttercrunch

Elaine said...

Mocha Java

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Moose

Elaine said...

Oops, I want to change

Chocolate Mousse to

Mocha Mousse

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Amaretto Creme

Toasted Coconut

Downtown Brown

Amanda said...

Hot Chocolate
Coffee Bean
Desert Sands

Amandatory on Ravelry

Joy said...

Autumn leaves
Dark Roast
Dappled Fawn

Shelley said...

Vanilla Latte
White Chocolate Mocha
Cocoa and Cream

Rachel O said...

Mushroom melange

On the town brown

Moose magic

|chee-uh| said...

Toasted Almond
Toasty Toes
Pacaccino or Alpacaccino(like cappuccino)

carla said...

Mocha mist

Cafe au lait

Nutty putty

cdnbull said...

Toasted Almond

Lisa said...

Coco Latte

Constance said...

Sandy Beaches

bowing to the popular trend of food names: Caramel Mocha

Dirty Laundry (absolutely irresistible; I *love* the Eagles, though that was a Don Henley single)

Marsha said...

Earth Angel

Chocolate Bliss

Wild Portabello

Magic Mushroom

Jersey said...

Chestnuts roasting
Pecan pie
Mocha medley

Janelle said...

Chocolate Swirl
Soft Serve
Autumn Path

christina said...

Marvelous Macchiato

Guinness Foam

Ahead said...

Banker brown
Macho socko
Boy's club

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Three Chocolates
Cinnamon Mix

ChillyFreeToes said...

cinnamon and sugar

natural neutral

Little Brown Jug

Molly said...


BlackCatYarnThief said...

Champagne Truffle


WIld Mushroom Waltz

Cristi-Lael said...

How about...

Tootsie Roll
Hot Cocoa

Lisabeth T. shenoahdesigns on Ravelry said...

River Rock

Log cabin


EJ said...

Mushroom madness
Mocha madness
Chocolate creme

Kim in Oregon said...

Tea and toast

kasiaiscarly said...

Wow! There have been some good suggestions, but how about Vanilla Fudge Swirl?

Kathy said...

Shutterbug Sepia

Doe a Deer

Brown Betty

Kristen said...

Birch bark
A Toast To You
Coffee with Cream

pclark204 said...

Root beer delight

winter slush

Lynlee said...

Cafe Sua Da
Hot Fudge Sundae
Paca Pie?

Girl Meets Needle said...

Brown Eyed Girl

Turtle said...

root beer float
ants on a log
toasted moose
velvet antlers

woolcrafter said...

Chocolate Smudge
Newborn Fawn
Cozy Cafe

Deeners said...

Iced Gingerbread
Milk Chocolate

termiknitter2 said...

rootbeer float
mocha latte

Dee said...

Muddy Boots

mintdee @ gmail . com

helenlam said...

Dulce de leche
Tres leches cake
Coffee swirl

helenlam said...

Dulce de leche
Tres leches cake
Coffee swirl

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

1.pebbles on the beach
2.sands of time
3.cinnamon toasty/or cinnamon toast
knottyknitter40 on ravelry

LaVerna said...

Hurry I'm gonna be Latte!
Texas Panhandle Winter(always brown)
Here's Mud in Yer Eye!

Laura said...

Shitake Surprise
Tempting Truffles
'Shrooms With a View

Anonymous said...

Latte Love

ikkinlala said...



Marble Cheesecake

craftycrafter said...

Toasted Macaroons

Better Latte than Never (which describes my sock knitting, lol)

Just Beachin'

The Alpaca Yarn Company said...

Thanks for all the great names. No more entries for this one please. Winner to be announced tomorrow. Yay!!!