Thursday, December 18, 2008

More winners!!!

There is nothing more fun then making people happy (well, at least not here in blog-land) and I am lucky enough that I get to make two more people a little more gleeful today.

Our winners for Color #7 in the Name That Yarn contest was Carla with her suggestion of Peony Patch. I'll admit, I was secretly rooting for this one. When I was a little girl my grams had peony bushes (although she called them "pineys" -- I never understood that one) anyway, I thought they were the most beautiful, wonderfully scented flowers in the world and I desperately wanted a bouquet of them when I grew up and got married. It was only later that I discovered that they were opened by ants (ick!). And that you can't really get them in the Caribbean (where I tied the knot), so I was out of luck. But I've never stopped loving the flower and someday I'll get around to planting some in my flower beds. Congrats Carla for the great color name! We love it!!!

Not to be outdone, BlackCatYarnThief submitted the name Mermaids Go Walking. What a beautiful image this conjures up in my mind. It is absolutely perfect for this colorway, perfect for sock yarn and somehow it makes me love it just a little bit more.

If you are one of our winners and we haven't contacted you yet about where to send your prize, be sure to shoot us a quick email with your address to Congratulations to our winners and be sure to get your entries in for the last two colors before Saturday! Good Luck!!!


carla said...

Oh WOW!!! I am so excited. I haven't figured out where I send mail to let you know how to send me my skein of Peony Patch.

We live in an older house and when we moved here, the garden was under-appreciated (a polite way of saying a mess), but there were 5 different colors of peonies under all the weeds.

Every spring we now have such gorgeous peonies - two different types of pale pinks, mid rosy pink, very dark almost burgundy pink, plus white (with red centers). And the smell is indeed glorious. It is worth putting up with the yucky ants to enjoy the visual beauty and the wonderful fragrance. And every year I cut some for a bouquet, try washing off every last ant, and always miss some of the ones that are hiding somewhere in the innermost reaches.

Can you tell I am excited.

yarnpiggy said...

Congratulations to both winners! :-)

BlackCatYarnThief said...

Hi! I am really thrilled you guys love this name as much as I love this colorway! It just sang to me of all the stories I had ever heard of mermaids leaving their oceans(and their fins) behind to pursue the man they fell in love with. In those colors I imagined how they might feel venturing forth on their new feet and seeing all the colors of their beloved sea world reflected back at them in the forest and the sky -- a little sad, but exciting, strange and wonderful. A new adventure.

I hope everyone who knits themselves a pair of sox of this very magical colorway finds their feet possessed of a brave spirit and an adventurous heart.

Thank you so much for this honor.

And I keep a peony patch too, but my very favorites are the whites with a a dash of red in them. And they are my very favorite flower!

carla said...

I just got the e-mail with my address info that I sent you on Thursday returned. I sent it to

I just resent the info to the same address. Can you please respond to it when you receive it, or let me know a different address to send the information to.

The error message was:

Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server.

Perhaps it is because of an outage caused by the storm.

I'm still very excited about winning!

The Alpaca Yarn Company said...

oh silly me!

carla said...

Whoosh. Thanks. I've just resent it to the correct address.

BlackCatYarnThief said...

Hi. I just resent my email I had sent earlier as well. It has all my mailing info. Silly packies! Diana