Monday, December 8, 2008

Too close to call

I know, I know, I promised...

Remember when I said you can't imagine how tough it is get those alpacas to agree on anything, well, little did I know that rival factions would spring up, that the vote would go down along party lines and that the chair of the ways & means committee would start a filibuster!

Okay, seriously, you guys just hit us with way too many amazing choices and a decision couldn't be reached before it was time to go home from the office to feed the fur-babies, the teenagers and maybe even a husband or two. We have the list narrowed, but we need just a little more time before naming our winners. We will NOT be accepting any further entries for yarns #1 an #2, so your odds of winning have not decreased, we just need you to bear with us a little bit longer. And, as an extra thank you for your patience, the winners from this round will get a special little surprise from me along with their prize yarn.

So, be sure to check back tomorrow and again, I can't thank you all enough for making this such a tough decision.

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