Sunday, December 14, 2008

Color #7 NAMED: Peony Patch

Okay, as much as the big haired 80s girl in me wants us to name this one "Raspberry Beret" and roll with a whole Prince theme, I'm sure one of you crafty-creative types can come up with something sensational. You have until Wednesday, December 17th to post your entries in the comments section of this post. Remember, up to three suggestions per person and the first one to post it gets the win in case of a tie. Winners will be announced either late Wednesday or (more likely) Thursday afternoon.

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!!


yarnpiggy said...

This Little Piggy
Raspberry Cheesecake
Think Pink!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Mi Corazon Es Tu Corazon

Teenage Heartthrob

Pinkie Swear

craftycrafter said...

Ma vie en rose

Raspberry Sorbet

A Rose by Any Other Name

yarnbeans said...

80's Rockcandy

Raspberry Martini

Pinky Toscadero (sp?)

christina said...

Pink Lady

Pretty in Pink
(which of course leads to...)

Molly Ringwald ;)

Elaine said...



Strawberry shortcake

Amanda said...

Life's a Cabernet
Pucker up

Amandatory on Ravelry

tom said...

I just looked out the window and the sky looks just like this so I'll suggest:

Winter Sunset
Raspberry Creme
Peony Peds

kasiaiscarly said...

Berries & Cream!

Stephanie said...


ChillyFreeToes said...

Raspberries and Roses
Burgundy Blooms
Carmine Kisses

Kim in Oregon said...

Berry berry nice.

iko said...

Love Comes in Twos

cdnbull said...

First Crush
Raspberry Tingle

One Sheep said...

My suggestions are:
Pinkie Toes
My Pink Heaven
Pink Punk Rocker

Great colorway!

Turtle said...

Whine me (dine me)

Forever Fushia

|chee-uh| said...

Pink Champagne
Rose Coloured Glasses

LaVerna said...

Berry Kiss
Everything Nice
Mamacita Caliente (Hot Little Mama)

Kristen said...

Pinks and Violets
Las Vegas Lights
Run for the Roses

Rachel O said...

Raspberry fizz
Tropical sunrise
Merry berry

Marsha said...

Burgundy Bliss

Love Letters

Red Dawn Rising

woolcrafter said...

Raspberry Stomp
Miss Piggy
Berry Swirl

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Pink blossoms on red leaves

Fruity sweeties

Sue said...

Shades of pink
Paca Pinks

Marilyn said...

Berry Burst
Berry Compote
Berry Cobbler

Girl Meets Needle said...

In the Pink
Pocket full of Posies
First Blush

RecoveringActor said...


Bad Girl Berry

Stargazer (the colors remind me of that lily...the one in my pic)

Kelly said...

Black Cherry Kiss
Lucious Cherry
Raspberry Bliss

Tamster said...

My Funny Valentine

Lynlee said...

Raspberry River
Strawberry Shortcake

Sally said...

Raspberry Dream

In The Pinks

Crochet4Life said...

Raspberry Rose
Roses and Raspberries
Raspberry Ice Cream

Bex said...

Very Berry
Raspberry sorbet

Anonymous said...

Lovers blush

rose petals


rose bouqet

thats all I have today, lol!!!


Knitmomma said...

Rosy Toes
Rose Garden
Moses Supposes his Toes-es are Roses!

Cristi-Lael said...

How about....

Passionfruit Mousse
Strawberry Fields Forever
Love in Paris

carla said...

Berry love
Peony patch

Mara said...

Yummy Berry
Boysenberry blast
Peculiar Purple Pieman

Lisabeth T. shenoahdesigns on Ravelry said...

Double Delight


Valentine Love

Diana said...

Ten Little Piggies

Popsicle Toes

Roses Toes's

woolybearknits said...

Mulberries & Cream

Mulberry Shortcake

Mulberry Fool

Angela said...

Magenta Majesty

Dana said...

Spilled Merlot
Pomegranate Pigment
Tincture of Cranberry

woolcrafter said...

Ok - as Miss Piggy joined Kermit in winning the previous round, I'm switching my Miss Piggy entry to...

The Pink Panther

SylvChezPlum said...

Pink Rose
Mummy's kiss

Kathy said...

No Boys Allowed

My funny Valentine

Stawberry Wine

Im so sorry I thought I'd won the kermit and piggy! I must have read the winners comment and inadvertantly, sublimineally offered the same suggestion. SHE Really did name that one well. Sorry

Janet said...

Sunset on the River

Diaper Rash

Beach House Shades

Sarah said...

1.) Raspberry Passions

2.) Pop Rocking Raspberry

3.) Hollywood Razz

Note: The second is named after Pop Rocks, the third option is an ode to the color Hollywood Cerise.

Ravelry User: LadyDanio

squiggi said...

wine and roses

choo choo knits said...

Fifi La Rue

Pinky Dinky Doo


EJ said...

Red sails in the sunset.

EJ said...

Oops I hit the submit too soon.

Red sails in the sunset

Red skies tonight

Sailors delight

Rippedoffknitter said...

Lady Valentine
Pink Champagne on Ice

Constance said...

Raspberry Parfait
Crepemyrtle Red

Cinnabars on Ravelry

turtlegirl76 said...

1) Killer Queen
2) Pie Stain
3) Heart of Darkness

Ann-Marie said...

Raspberry Coulis

Cherry Cheesecake

Beverly said...

Raspberry Souffle

Singapore Sling

Ravelry ID: bjtilt

Anonymous said...


Pink Elephants

Strawberry Poptart

MissK68 on Ravelry

The Alpaca Yarn Company said...

Thanks for all your great suggestions! This colorway is now closed to entries. We'll let you know as soon as we have a winner.