Friday, December 5, 2008

Name That Yarn Contest!!!

We are so excited about our ten (yes, I said TEN) new colors of Paca Peds sock yarn we can hardly stand it any longer. We've been dying to show you the yummy new sock-tacular stuff that Tasha has been whipping up for you, but we had a little problem here at Paca-Central. None of the new colors had names yet, and as scrumptious as it is, I just don't think you are going to be blown away by the name "Color #611". Tasha is up to her elbows in the dye kettles, I've been getting to all the fun things like blogging and ravelry-ing and plurking and Beth has been busy getting our newest patterns ready, feeding the fuzzy babies and the 10,000 and 2 other things that Beth juggles on a daily basis. At any rate, none of us has had a spare second to sit down and come up with names that could do these colors justice. So, dear blog-readers, we are foisting off the responsibility on you --- um, I mean, um --- we are giving you a chance to win socky goodness in exchange for using a tiny fraction of your considerable brain power.

Welcome to our Name That Yarn Contest!!!

It's simple really, we'll post a photo of a colorway, you'll comment back with what you think is a good name (limit 3 per person, please) and if your suggestion is selected, you get a free skein of the Paca-Peds that YOU named! How cool is that?!?!!! You get to go to your knitting group, whip out your socks-in-progress and casually drop, "oh yes, I came up with the name for this particular colorway" and then watch them drool.

We will be posting two new colorways every 3 days and the contest will wrap-up on December 20th. Our first colors of Paca-Peds will be posted in just a few minutes and our first two winning names will be announced on Monday, December 8th when we will post the next two colorways. To get an idea of our current color names, be sure to visit the Paca-Peds page on our website.

Remember to say who you are in your comments and be sure to link your blog too -- we would love to get to know you better. Oh, feel free to post this contest on your blog and tell your friends (unless you don't want the competition, we understand the overwhelming desire to keep all the good stuff for yourself, imagine how we feel everytime we walk into the warehouse!)

Check back soon for our first two colorways & GOOD LUCK!!!


2muchfun on Ravelry said...

Pink, blue colorway: Cotton Candy
Red, Black and White: Licorice Swirl.

(I'm really not hungry...but it sounds as tho' I have candy on my mind.)

Capri22 said...

For the second one Chocolate Cherry Cheescake.

Turtle said...

Love em both!

For #2 Cherry Chocolate
For #1 Spring Fling

Gasser said...

Teal We Meet Again
Purple Rain
by Gasser

Janet said...

For #10 I like Bold Berries