Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Color #9 NAMED: Kaleidosock

Here we go Paca-Peds fans, colorway #9 in the Name That Yarn contest. Looking out my window the only three colors I can see are green (pine trees), brown (other trees) and white (snow & sky). Then I get to look at this pretty color burst on my monitor and I can't help but be a bit more cheerful. Just like before, tell us up to three suggestions for what you would like to see this colorway named and if we select yours, a skein of this yumminess will be coming your way. Official contest end date is 12/20, although I'll be honest, with it being the last weekend before Christmas we might cut you a little slack and push that deadline out a bit. We'll be sure to give you a heads-up on Plurk & Twitter before closing the contest out, so if you aren't following us yet, be sure to add us to your friends.

Have fun naming & GOOD LUCK!!!


Lisa said...

Days of Wine & Roses

Ann-Marie said...

Summer Garden

On the Vine


Edna said...

Hawaiian Sunset
Tropical Sunrise
Tropical Fruit Cocktail

Constance said...

Summer Sunset
Reign of Wine and Roses
Blue Skies and Pretty Yarn

Cinnabars on Ravelry

Marsha said...

1. Pistachio Sundae

2. The Pistachio Principle

3. Victorian Parlour

yarnpiggy said...

Sweet Peas
Grandmother's Quilt

...and I'll try to come up with a third one!

RecoveringActor said...

Tequila Sunrise

Summer Nights

Destination: Paradise

Amanda said...

I Want Candy
Conversation Hearts
Sweet Tarts

Amandatory on Ravelry

Janelle said...

You're So Vein (don't you think these look like vein and capillary colors?!?)
Pacific Wine

LaVerna said...

Mulberry Sunset
I'm No Wallflower
Wooded Fairyland

Kim in Oregon said...

Merry Go Round

woolcrafter said...

Taos Toes
Navajo Dreams

Elaine said...

Tutti Fruiti
Tutti Fruiti Tootsies
Jelly beans

A. Brown said...

Alice in Pacaland

EJ said...

How about

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Turtle said...

hawaiian mama
sheep on a beach
(or beach sheep)
floral train

love the colorblend!

Dana said...

Criss-Crossed Crayons

ikkinlala said...

Painted Canyon

Late Autumn Forest

Deeners said...

Desert Sun
Desert Trails
Desert Sunset

Lynlee said...

Sprinkled Doughnut
Sky Bar

silfert said...


Eye Candy,
Toddler, or "Hey Mom, Swatch This!"

Lisabeth T. shenoahdesigns on Ravelry said...


Painted Desert

Desert Gems

Jersey said...

Paca Pacific
Peaceful Paca
Jelly Bean Dreams

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Gummy sweets

Nat Red Knits said...

Merlot Dreams
Sherbert Twist
Mulberry Vines

Sue said...

Tropical toes
Hawaiian garden

Gretaoto said...

Bubblegum Pops
Cherrygrape delight
Bubblepop Dreams

Knitmomma said...

Champagne Twilight
Sunset on the Lake

Rachel O said...


iko said...

PBJ at the Beach

Beverly said...

1. Alpaccy-Taffy

2. Sugar Plums

3. Sweet Feet Treat

Ravelry ID: bjtilt

craftycrafter said...

Taos and Tahoe

Grand Canyon

Painted Desert

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

A Berry Peachy Day

Pacni-Color Dreamcoat

Morning Glory

tom said...


chellebelle said...

1. Victorian Hyacinths
2. Mima's Garden
3. Crocker and Tubbs
The last one for Miami Vice.. maybe they never wore socks because they didn't have Paca-peds!

Girl Meets Needle said...

Dried Posies

Wine Soaked Dreams

Sugar Plum Fairy

Alpacalachin said...

1. Marshmallow Cocoa Puffs
2. Twisted Twizzler
3. Rose Garden

Aster said...

Frosted Roses

Popsicle Toes! <--my favorite

Mixed Berry Cobbler

The purples and blues in this colorway are so me. :)

Ruth said...

ponies on parade

carousel pony

Anonymous said...

Rose petals

Mara said...

County Fair

|chee-uh| said...

Mixed Emotions
Deep Sea Coral
South by Southwest

BlackCatYarnThief said...

Taos Twilight
Moccasin Rainbow
Misty Mountain Hop

knittygirl said...


or Grape Crush?

PrincessPurling said...

Burlesque Blue (because the blue is just a little tease)

yarnpiggy said...

My third pick:

Wildflower Walk

One Sheep said...

Babe in the Berry Patch

Ms. Paca-man

Paca My Bags, I'm Goin' To Heaven

Roberta said...


Carribean Wine

The Alpaca Yarn Company said...

Thanks for all your great suggestions! This colorway is now closed to entries. We'll let you know as soon as we have a winner.